cropped-mangcho_smallThe people have spoken. Every niche, every nook and cranny, every bright spot(you) in a darkened room(where they want you to be), every guy and girl who was ever told “You’re the problem” is coming together. You could be covered in steampunk nonsense, mired in LGBT/feminazi mind disease, hot off a D&D meetup, trapped in a rainbow sparkledog fursuit(w/movable mouth, natch), or be a 5’4 polyamorous weeb who’s really into dragons. Time to find God. Time to rebuild, come together, Team Up, Power Up, and fight the bad guys with mind and heart. Put your big man shoes and jump in, join up, write good reads to purify every broken, demoralized, starving soul. We’re not like the others. This is the Mousetrap.

Avatar Source: “Mulmangcho”; character from “Squirrel and Hedgehog” North Korean propaganda cartoon. Illustration by Vanessa W.